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The application of its theory offers innumerable benefits to the farmers in terms of disease, pest, herbicide resistant seed and the luxury of crops that can withstand extremes of weather conditions, drought and so on. For instance: Genomics in agriculture is probably one of the biggest gains of biotechnology, especially when it comes to identify commercially important traits in valuable crops.
The profession of architect is considered a noble profession, like that of a doctor, in our society. Since architects are considered the designers of civilizations, people pay them respect and they are highly regarded for their work. This acts as a very strong motivator for many candidates who opt for this career.
A prospective Ph.D. student should know that Ph.D. is not like any regular field of study; it’s a research based field that requires constant and undaunted efforts for a period of at least 4 to 5 years. Many students are enthusiastic in the beginning knowing that they will be getting a stipend for working on their favorite subject, but as time goes by they start to feel disenchanted with the study; boredom starts to creep in and finally, they drop out of the program.
Modern campus with separate hostel facilities for boys & girls
Amphitheatre style smart classrooms, moot courts & studios
Degrees approved by the Bar Council of India (BCI)
Regular Court visits, participation in Lok Adalats, & Seminars
Regular interaction with distinguished Judges & Jurists
If a person has pursued an engineering degree from a reputable institution and has consistently done well, then there are good chances of getting campus placement. There are many reputable organizations that are willing to pay huge pay packets to young graduates, provided they satisfy the company. These pay packets many a times amount to INR 1 crore or above annually for even domestic hiring, leave aside the international. Such huge packages at initial level are hardly seen in other career streams.
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Putting it into very simple terms, engineering is what offers to you the capability to solve problems. To add a little bit more to it, engineering professionals make use of technical and scientific knowledge for making judgments.