5 Ways to Build Better Student-Teacher Relationship in School

Investing time and energy to connect with the students through creative strategies can help boost their motivation levels. Showing students that teachers care about them beyond academic concern is the key to positive learning.

Here are five strategies teachers can implement to improve their relationships with students.

Foster A Welcoming Atmosphere 

Establish a learning space in which questions and answers, even incorrect ones, are welcomed and respected. Students learn and contribute more when they feel comfortable. It eliminates fear or shyness and motivates them to ask and answer questions proactively. A surrounding that feels like a rigid conventional study place can result in unresponsive and vocally closed students. Praise and acknowledge your students when they are active with questions and responses. 

First Name Basis Interaction With The Students 

Getting to know the students by their first names can earn the teacher their respect and appreciation. You want to pass around an information sheet on the first day of class to learn better about the students. Include questions about their names, nicknames, where they live, interests or hobbies, best memories, locations they’ve traveled to, their dream destination, favorite ice cream flavor, life ambition, etc.

Energetic And Supportive Environment

Spending the time to engage in small talk can aid in the removal of learning hurdles. When a teacher makes themselves more personable, students voluntarily share about lives. These interactions will leave the teacher with a better understanding of who the students are as individuals. Kuala Lumpur international schools are a rewarding experience for children of all ages. It provides the kids with a global perspective as they learn about different cultures and open doors to new possibilities. Moreover, considering the depth of education and quality of infrastructure, Kuala Lumpur international school fees are also considerably more competitive than the rest. 

Be Generous With Compliments

Teachers in international schools in Malaysia are encouraged to offer positive remarks when students perform well in class. The compliments are not limited to academic scores. If your students show up with a new hairstyle or give an articulated reply that demonstrates intellectual dexterity, compliment them. To put it simply, let your students know you notice the small things and are proud of them. You can also leave notes or write down encouraging remarks on their homework notebooks when you return them.  

Valuing The Opinions Of the Students 

Interact and listen to the students before or after concluding the class. Show your interest by asking them about their dreams and aspirations, what they plan to do over the weekend, their perspectives on local or global affairs, their pets, etc., to strengthen the teaching atmosphere and teacher-student interactions. The purpose is to make the students feel like important members of the class. They should feel like they are connecting with an adult who cares about them and not a strict teacher trying to grade their academic progress based on their behavior. 


The tips and ideas discussed in this article can serve as a starting point for all the different things you can do in your classroom to strengthen teacher-student connections. A strong teacher-student bond allows the student to be more motivated and also eliminates disciplinary issues. Even more importantly, the time you spend in the classroom as a teacher may give you and your students a greater sense of satisfaction.