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Antim: The Final Truth is a thrilling 2021 Indian action film directed by Mahsh Bandagar and produced by Salman Khan Films, distributed by Zay Studio, adapted from the model of Marati Molshi and starring Salman Khan, Ayoush Sharma and Mahima Makwana.

The story revolves around a confrontation between a police officer (Salman Khan) and a gangster (Ayush Sharma). Like the original film, it examines the plight of farmers, some of whom lead to crime. The film was shown in cinemas. Worldwide on November 26, 2021

Antim Full Movie Download In Hindi 480p & Star Cast Information

Movie Full Name: Antim (2021)

Production Company: Salman Khan Films

Star Cast: Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma, Jisshu Sengupta, Mahima Makwana

Producer:  Salman Khan

Director: Mahesh Manjrekar

Written by: Mahesh Manjrekar

Music by:  Mani Sharma

Cinematography: Karan Rawat

Size: 407 MB

Watch Time: 02:16:05

Quality:  720P, 480 p HD

Type of Movie: Action thriller film

Certificate: A/U

IMDb Movie Rating: 7.5/10

Release Date: 26 November 2021

Language: Hindi Movie

Antim Full Movie Download In Hindi 480p Story & Reviews

Review: Festivals are absolutely flawless without the massive masala performers and Sitimar is definitely qualified as Ganesh Chaturthi. The much anticipated Sampath Nandi movie has finally come out and luckily it won’t turn out to be a pretty watch.

Karti (Gupichand) teaches young girls in her village of Andhra Pradesh in Kabadi, as does Jwala Redi (Tamanna Bhatia) in Telangana. The two land in Delhi to help them win the national championship, but the menacing villain Singh (Tarun Arora) has other plans and kidnaps the AP team. Karti now has to stretch his muscles outside of training and bring his team back before it’s too late.

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ANTIM (TV SERIES) (2021) FILM Movie Plot

The film opens with Rajwir telling the story of a farmer’s collective life while he is forced to sell his land and work as a farm laborer. One of these stories is about Rahulias, the son of a farmer. His father also sold his land and he lives on his land as a forester. One day Malik hit Rahulias’ father and challenged Rahul, who was tired of retaking his country. His family soon moves to Pune, where father and son work as porters at the vegetable market. One day when local thugs are extorting money from an old man, Rahulia beats her and ends up in jail. There he meets Nania, a powerful mob supported by the local ML. Rahulia works with Nania after her release from prison. Meanwhile he also falls in love with Manda, a tea seller.

Rahulia quickly regains her name after accidentally killing the mayor, and Nania rescues her and commits suicide on false statements from the people there. With her new reputation, Rahulia aims to solve the vegetable sellers’ problems by promising to buy their products at a higher price than the current price. Although the sellers appreciate him, his father makes fun of him. Rahulia soon becomes a prominent member of the Nanias gang. One day Pitya and Daya complain to Nania that they did not annex the land of Rahulias. Rahulia shoots him in front of her family, pays her personal bills and goes into the country. Nanya saves him by introducing her uncle Mastergis as the murderer. So far, her family has completely denied Rahulia and kicked her out of their home. Although Manda is afraid of Rahul, she considers him innocent. One day Nania invites Rahulia to her birthday party. In the twist of the story, Rahulia kills him on the night of the party, in the words of the local MLA. Rajivir Singh, a local police officer, witnesses the murder and puts Rahulia behind bars after a physical altercation. He was released on bail a few months later.

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