CBD Oil – What is Full Spectrum CBD?

CBD, which is short for cannabinoid, is a substance that is naturally found in marijuana or cannabis and hemp plants. It comes in various forms, including capsules, edibles, topicals, and vapors, and has various uses and benefits.

Full Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate

There are two types of extracts that you can draw out of the cannabis plant called full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate, respectively. While CBD isolate is well refined and thereby only contains pure CBD, full-spectrum CBD, which is found in wholesale full-spectrum CBD oil, has a combination of small amounts of other cannabinoids. These include THC, flavonoids, and terpenes aside from the regular CBD.

More people have started purchasing wholesale full-spectrum CBD oilin regular CBD isolate because of the entourage theory. This theory suggests that full-spectrum CBD is more effective when combined with THC and terpenes. In any of the full-spectrum CBD oil for sale,CBD working hand in hand with THC also reduces the unwanted side-effects of taking THC on its own such as hunger, sedation, and stress. Some are still not convinced to buy it even when there is full-spectrum CBD oil for sale, as there is very little research that has gone into proving these facts.

How Safe is CBD?

While many take CBD for the many health benefits that it may have, some risk factors come with using CBD that those who intend to take it might have to consider. One of the significant side-effects of taking CBD includes the feeling of nausea, lethargy, and overall irritability or a wave of mood swings. It can also temporarily increase the levels of the blood thinner coumadin in the blood and other medication present in the blood similar to the functioning of grapefruit juice.

The FDA has also determined that one of the side effects of CBD is the possibility of getting a liver injury.Due to the lack of ample amounts research and proof of CBD’s benefits, it is wise to take CBD according to the recommendation and dosage prescribed by your doctor. This is especially important if you take any other medication in small or large amounts, as it may negatively react with CBD. Since the preliminary research has led to CBD being labeled and sold as a supplement rather than medication, one cannot know the quantities and precision of the dosage of active ingredients mentioned on the label when they get online CBD oil or buy it in person. CBD oil online also tends to be contaminated with other ingredients as the consumer cannot test it to figure it out.

Health Benefits of CBD

Keeping these risk factors and possible side effects in mind, there are also quite a few medical benefits and health conditions that CBD has been found to help with. One of the main conditions that CBD has helped reduce the number of patients is anxiety and stress. Some of the disorders include general anxiety, seasonal affective anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and PTSD.

CBD also allows the user to sleep better and reduce sleep apnea and insomnia to a certain extent. Aside from helping with anxiety disorders, there is scientific proof that backs the fact that CBD helps those that suffer from seizures and two different types of epilepsy, namely Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. These were especially helpful for kids suffering from said diseases, and thus the FDA approved for those as young as two years of age who suffer from these conditions to take CBD.