How an ant exterminator Can Come to the Rescue

The job of an ant exterminator is more than just killing ants. It’s about locating the source and exterminating the colony as a whole. Honestly, exterminating ants is not an easy task, especially if you are not aware of the critical aspects. Usually, it seems like anyone can get rid of ant infestation. There are pesticides available over the counter; spray them and you might kill some of them. However, using these chemicals without locating the source will not give you a permanent solution. And therefore, the ants will keep coming back.

This is where a professional ant exterminator will act as a savior. A professional is aware of all the ins and outs that a normal person is not aware of. He will use a method that will not only wipe out their colony but also maintain the health standards.

When do you need pest control services:

DIY treatment is an effective solution to ant infestations. However, sometimes this approach becomes ineffective due to the danger and size of the ant infestation. There are three stages when you need professional pest control services. These are,

  • When ants begin to contaminate your food?

Ants invade homes in search of shelter and food. When you see ants crawling into your home, they are actually looking for food. They can contaminate your food with dangerous viruses and bacteria that can cause E.coli, Salmonella, and Shigella.

  • When do ants start damaging your property?

Ants prefer hollow places, such as wood, in their search for shelter. As they grow, they can make their way throughout your home. If you notice piles of wood chips next to your walls, it’s time to call a professional ant exterminator.

  • If ants keep showing up

suppose you have tried all the home improvement techniques but still find ants marching in your house, then it is time to get pest control services. The presence of these ants is the sign of a large colony living in deep corners. Therefore, it can only be treated by a professional ant exterminator.

From where will an ant exterminator start working

Unlike a layman, an ant exterminator will not fight the ants where it notices them. As mentioned earlier, ants live in colonies, and their sole purpose is to continue reproducing themselves. They have a queen that lays eggs and produces workers that search for food and shelter in viable places.

This shows how important it is to discover their source. So the best way to stop their spread is to locate their queen. An ant exterminator will start his hunt by finding the path that will lead him to their queen.

Ant hunters adopt sharp movements:

The reason why the ant exterminator is considered a savior is because it adopts witty techniques. If you see ants crawling around your living room, it is just an indication of a powerful colony, the “nest”. The nest is the queen’s home, where she reproduces hundreds of eggs. According to research, a queen lays up to 500 eggs and lives for more than 25 years. So the target is the queen.

After finding the nest, the pest control service will use an effective method that will cause a large amount of damage to the infestation and a small amount of damage to your environment.

Use of non-toxic pesticides:

To protect your loved ones from toxic chemicals, the pest control service advises using non-toxic pesticides. These pesticides achieve slow but effective results. They are sprinkled over the ant colony, causing the queen to become infertile, resulting in a slow death.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants remain safe from toxic elements that would cause them skin allergies, nervous system breakdown, asthma, etc. Many people ignore these factors while they undertake the task of getting rid of the ants and face serious consequences.

How long does it take to get rid of ant infestation

Ant infestation is certainly a matter of concern for all affected. Extermination simply depends on the property and the extent of the infestation. It will likely take 48 hours for treatment to begin. However, the ants will remain for several weeks. Don’t panic because the follow up plan will gradually kill them off.

The main goal of the ant exterminator is to attack the nest. Once the source has been eradicated, the remaining ants will die on their own.

Professionals Will Treat The Remaining Ants

Once the exterminator has killed the queen, there will still be ants left at large. Therefore, there are alternative ways to kill them. These ants will try to organize their colony with a new queen. Therefore, it is equally important to kill them as well.

For this purpose, the organic liquid pesticide is used to kill the remaining ants. Once they are gone, homeowners can return to their homes.

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