Kedarkantha Trek Complete Guide

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is a six-day trek to the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park in Uttarakhand and is worth to be confused with the famous Kedarnath Temple (6 when including the travel Kedarkantha is easily one of India’s most famous treks—popular with experienced hikers as well as beginners.

There are numerous reasons why in the Indian Himalayas it is a very famous tour. This is the most important thing

The Kedarkantha summit climb is really gratifying. The summit is big directly from the base camp of the trek. The world opens around you as your hike starts early in the morning and climbs gradually up the steep hilly route.

It’s not easy to ascend. It is steadily steep throughout. It also becomes challenging when you get closer to the summit. But the great Himalayan mountains hold you together until you reach the summit.

You experience a deep sense of accomplishment and achievement as you extend yourself from the top and take the Himalayans from the point of view. This is a sensation unprecedented.

Very few hikes give the same adventure, making it famous for its top climb among beginners.

The Kedarkantha trek is unique outside the summit with its lovely clearings. Very rarely can a trek that gives way to rest places and beautification campsites offer breathtaking clearings? On all the numerous roads, this tour is packed with clearings. Furthermore, clearings can be found in the right spot and you can enjoy the trek and its views with stunning viewpoints.

The third major explanation is the magnificent forest of this trek. All three routes have beautiful various forests in which you can fully immerse yourself. You will get lost in them if you are not careful (in a good way).

The way to the camp

It’s one of the most beautiful tracks to go on any trek. The eighteen kilometres of Purola’s thick pine forest along the River Tons and along the Mori valley stay a long way. Don’t miss seeing them out.

The Homestays

If you trek with Indiahikes, you’re here to treat yourself. You will very seldom hear how the locals work. You can see it in this trek. In two villages – Gaichawan Gaon and Kotgaon – you will spend both your first night and last night in homestays.

While they’re similar, their houses look different, and their lifestyles are a bit different. This you’ll feel in near proximity.

The Forests

You will feel this sensation of uniqueness with your environments when you live in the forests of Kedarkantha, especially from Kotgaon to the summit.

This is caused by several factors:

– The woods are least traveled in this portion. Besides the villagers, this path just goes to our walkers. So this path has remained unchanged in several respects. Indeed, you can easily get lost if you are not careful.

This forest stretch has its wilderness intact as opposed to the other forests, where the forest looks almost manicured and organized. As soon as you reach it, you can sense it intensely.

– The forest is very thick and immersive. The sun hides and tries and this is all the more enchanting.

– It’s odd, too. You can see more trees and shrubs along with Deodar, Pine, and Oak than you will see on the other side.

The Kotgaon forest to the top is one of my favorite forests I have ever wandered through. This section is all surrealistic by the variety, the contrasting colors, the density. For those forests, I will be able to make this trek over and over again. However, some of the most spectacular forests climb in the Himalayas can be found along the opposite side of Kedarkantha.

The Clearings

There are several such clarifications on both sides in Kedarkantha. Such clearings do not sell other treks. I’ve done nearly eleven treks so far and I still have to find a trek that has such nice clearings.

Really, it is a hike across the Himalayas, where you don’t have any campsites. In reality, because of these clearings, one of the reasons why we were able to open many roads on this trek.

These clarifications are also made more unique by other variables. You are the following:

– Each of the clarifications on this trek is so distinctive from the other. Juda Ka Talab immerses you absolutely with his lake while Khujey gives you the feeling of camping along a mountain.