Kundali Reading for Professionals: How to Interpret Your Kundali to Determine Your Profession

Kundali reading for career prediction says what and how growth in human life, personality and habits, and behavior will make life dry, and booming. To know Career Prediction in life, we must check our career horoscope.

What is Kundali?

The name Kundali comes from Sanskrit word कुंदी. In the basic sense, it means Sanskrit/Hindi word कुंदगी- law of cause and effect. The cause of what happens is not a closed system. It’s influenced by the effects it creates. In simple words, we can say कुंदगी is a law of cause and effect. This cause-effect has the power to control your body’s functions and control the body’s progress. As the author of the Puranas say, “कुंदगी को लक्ष्मी पुरस्कार के बनेगा स्वीकारेबली, Kundali tells us about our horoscope and place of birth. We can also know about our daily and weekly activities by daily horoscope. These days Kundali changes by the day. If you see your time is more, then you will find you have more popularity in the society.

Kundali for Career Prediction

There are 10 zodiacs, which are called with different names and they are 10 as follows: Rahu Kundali is the best time for entrepreneurs and successful businessmen. Its good time for individuals who are not aggressive and moderate, but they are a dynamic person and seek intelligence and energy in their life. Good fortune and auspicious are the attribute of this Kundali. Rahu Kundali Gemini Kundali The time of Gemini is the best for a person who is intelligent, patient and sensual. This is the best time to do business as well. To get married and having a child is a very good time as well. Gemini Leo Kundali is a good time for religious persons, those who perform yajna and singers.

How to Read Your Kundali for Career

Most people are not aware of their Kundali. What a person’s predicted outcome in life will be. Those who do not know their Kundali will not see the progress or success. Reading of Kundali of a person and others must be checked by interested person to understand their reading with success. This post shows the way to read a Kundali to check what kind of life we will live in future. What is Kundali reading for career? We have called our Kundali ‘daya’ or ‘dara’ in Sanskrit. The word ‘daya’ means an event and ‘dara’ means prediction. So the daya is a kundali, or in Sanskrit, darika, which you read after an event or occurrence happens. The daya says the event took place as per the rules of nature. It does not interfere with your personal affairs at all.


According to kundali divination, blood type is closely related to our performance in life, personality and habits and behavior. And to study the details about blood type, study our life and personality, then we can decide our career and on basis of so many factors and things, we can predict our life life destiny. But only for those who like to know the details about their Blood Type and name of blood types of their colleagues.