Top Beauty Parlour for Bridal Makeup Near Me in Noida

For special events, taking the help of beauty care professionals would ensure a stunning result in the end. For this reason, many brides search for “Parlour Near me” online to get in touch with trained experts with years of experience. Indeed, they offer bridal makeup packages at different price ranges for personalized skincare treatment and makeup. 

Overall, multiple services are combined in such package deals. For the best final outcome for your wedding, you should research the multiple salon options available to select a suitable service provider. The following are some of the best beauty parlours you can visit in Noida, India for this purpose. 

  1. Meribindiya Bridal Team

Meribindiya is one of the top available beauty parlours in Noida that offers a wide variety of bridal makeup packages. They offer both hair care and skin care treatment options at valuable price ranges. 

So, clients can choose and book their sessions at their convenience. Notably, some of the common services this team specializes in are waxing, manicure, and pedicure. 

  1. Geetanjali Salon 

At the Geetanjali Salon, bridal clients find service options like manicure, pedicure, waxing, hair styling, full-body waxing, hair spa, and body spa. Plus, people have the opportunity to choose a customized makeup service too, like HD makeup or regular makeup. 

  1. Lakme Salon 

Lakme is one of the most trusted and reliable beauty brands available. So, brides expect and get high-quality bridal makeup service at these beauty parlours. To note, you can avail the expertise of different level professionals; the costs vary accordingly, too. 

  1. Looks Salon 

There are multiple pre-wedding makeup and beauty care services available here. Some of what they give include body waxing, facial makeup, nail care, hair styling, and body spa. 

  1. VLCC Salon 

In terms of bridal makeup services and packages, VLCC Salon offers a wide range of varieties. Here, popular pre-bridal makeup service options include the Silver package, Diamond package, Au Natural package, and Royal Extravagant package.

  1. Kanika Beauty Studio 

This beauty parlour in Noida caters to both men and women clients, and offers bridal makeup packages at reasonable rates. Some of the main services they offer to clients include pedicure/manicure, straightening, colouring, hair styling, keratin treatment, waxing, and facials. 

Also, they offer full-body spa service too, but only for female clients.

  1. Laze Spa 

Laze Spa is one of the suitable salons in this region for brides to opt for professional makeup services. With 6 years in this business, the stylists here offer bridal makeup packages, with multiple services included. 

How to select a top-quality bridal makeup package for you?

To decide on the best wedding makeup package for your wedding, you should consider particular points carefully. Here are specific factors that are crucial for making the right selection. 

  • Your overall budget 

Before picking a particular bridal makeup package, consider the total budget you have for the wedding. Then, choose a deal that falls within that margin. Here, check the services they provide, the work quality, and the variety before settling on one package. 

Indeed, compare other services and parlours in the market first as well. 

  • Types of services for different wedding ceremonies 

In the context of Indian weddings, multiple ceremonies make up the entire wedding celebration. These events include the wedding itself, ‘sangeet’, and reception. While choosing the bridal makeup package, notice if the parlour professionals extend their services for one or more ceremonies.

  • The availability of hair care services 

Instead of paying separately for hair salon stylists and beauty care, opt for packages that offer both. It is important to check the options and their reviews thoroughly. 

  • Manicure and pedicure included or not

Some of the best wedding makeup packages from salons include pedicure/manicure. Choose these for full-scale service. 

  • Skincare spa and facial packages 

Clients opt for packages that offer skin care services too, like massages, waxing, scrubs, and exfoliation. Here, experts suggest examining if separate professionals are offering this or the same artist beforehand. 

  • Distance from the venue 

On the day of the wedding, many clients hire professionals that offer at-home services. Also, those looking for more specialized and intensive treatments choose to go to the beauty parlour directly for their appointment. 

In both cases, having the service close to your location is a suitable choice for quick haircutting, spa, or Mehendi sessions. Also, in case a bride requires last-minute touch-ups, a shorter distance allows the stylist to reach them within the deadline. 

  • Additional service for the bridal party 

Some professional beauty parlours offer multiple clients in one bridal makeup package. Note your options before choosing a cost-effective deal. 

  • Products available in the package 

Verify the kind of products available in the package. To note, some may not suit your skin condition or type, so select accordingly. 

  • The additional trial option before selection 

Particular beauty parlours offer free trials. Choose these to check out which styles suit you before the wedding day. 

Bridal makeup packages are available through Zoylee 

You can download the online salon app of Zoylee or visit via their website. This platform is useful to get in touch with respected professionals in the field. Not to mention, you as the client can opt for multiple bridal makeup packages here, too. 

  • Normal package 

In the normal package, clients would get treatments like full body bleach, full-body polishing, and full body waxing. Also, they can avail of manicure and pedicure sessions, and facial services like O3+ cleanup and O3+ facial. 

Besides these, clients would get hair spa and full-face threading services, along with regular bridal makeup.

  • HD Bridal package 

To note, clients get most of the treatments available in the Normal package when they choose the HD Bridal option. However, here, you would get HD makeup techniques instead of regular makeup practices. Also, you would receive a Lotus facial in place of the O3+ cleanup option.  

  • AirBrush package 

Similar to the HD Bridal package, the AirBrush option includes most of the services under the Normal package. The only exceptions here are the Gold facial and the AirBrush makeup selections.


Overall, brides have the opportunity to decide between many reputed and top-notch salons in Noida. Many of them have teams of professionals with specialized skills and experience in different beauty-care fields. Before selecting a package though, evaluate more than one choice and check customer feedback about them, as well.