What are the health benefits of outdoor games for children?

Accept it or not, instead of habituated to indoor games. A child should play outdoor games. The one and only reason for this is keeping them active. Most indoor games do not involve much body movement and only require the brain’s involvement.

Although indoor games like chess, word book, and building blocks are good for the development of the brain, it is also undeniable that a child should also exercise his body. While it is completely impossible to inspire a child to exercise, outdoor games will be a great idea to keep him active.

Due to lots of inconveniences, while it is completely impossible to encourage your child for outdoor games, you can be the friend of the child. Let’s take some time and forget about all the crises related to finance (e.g. how to borrow money online or the last date of utility bills) and turn your backyard into a playground. It will help to enhance bonding with your child too.

Suitable outdoor games for children

Before we start discussing the health benefits of outdoor games for children, make sure you have selected the right game on behalf of the child. As every game is different, and not all outdoor games involve the same activity level. So, when you have decided for playing outdoor games as a companion to your child, consider playing these games:

1. Kick the can

It is a type of outdoor game that does not require so much area. Rather than a minimum area of 200 square feet is enough. However, it is almost like hide and seek but a little improvised version of it.

One of the payers will find other children who hide behind several places. When the seeker discovers one of the hidden children, he needs to manage somehow to kick the can, and after then all start running here and there.

2. Owning the flag

A game is mostly played between two teams. Both the teams have their own flags or something like a marker which will work as their recognition. Now, one team needs to run into the territory of the opponents and snatch that flag. This game involves much physical toil as the entire game is all about running and snatching.

3. Four square

A game mostly involves ball throwing capability. Actually, the game should be played within a square cut field, and the minimum number of members required is four. At the beginning of the game, a player needs to hold the ball, and he needs to throw it towards another player standing in the distance. Players who fail to catch the ball will be disqualified.

Top 5 health benefits of playing outdoor games for children

1. Enhances physical development

In between 5-12, a child has the highest rate of growth. During this time, if your child only spends time playing video games or mobile games, it will not help his growth. Rather it will increase the possibility of obesity. On the other hand, when your child starts playing outdoor games, there will be good body movement to run, chase, or save him from the chaser.

While all the body parts will be on the move, good growth is easy to achieve.

2. Boosts energy level

It requires energy to run and chase the opponents. Therefore, by playing outdoor games, the development of bones and muscles achieve their best growth. Strong bone and muscle clearly indicate a high energy level. On the other hand, indoor games will not require anybody movement. For this reason, a child lacks energy and becomes idle.

3. Levels up vitamin D

There is no complementary of sunbath when it comes to the matter of intaking vitamin D. However, beach days are now the least possible while running in the backyards during playing outdoor games will help definitely. Vitamin D is necessary for the perfect structure of bones.

As mentioned, between 5-12 is the best time of growth for a child, and the factor of growth does not always come from various intaking supplements. Rather, playing in daylight boosts the level of vitamin D.

4. Improves functions of the brainĀ 

During outdoor games, a child needs to run, jump, throw, catch, and many other activities strongly associated with directions. Now, the child who has the inborn ability of following directions is not difficult for them, but kids who find it difficult to follow the instructions promptly for them outdoor games will be a very good option. It will improve a child’s brain function and help to learn how to follow instructions promptly.

5. Boosts up the immunity level

We understand how it feels if there is a medical emergency and you need to borrow 12-month loans and that too with no credit check for the sake of treatment. When it is your children, then the situation becomes worse than ever. One of the primary reasons for falling sick is low immunity level. However, by involving your child in outdoor games, the immunity level can be boosted up. So, encourage your children to go outside and start playing outdoor games.

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